Monday, September 19, 2011

What's for Dinner

My son's begin the day with this question each and every day. It may seem to get old, but I have to admit, I appreciate the universe trusting me to provide what they need to survive. What I am learning is that this is the same approach I will need to have for my art. High Art I consider it. Feed the world well with the provisions that are given to me. They rely heavily on it at the end of the day. Each meal should have a balance of items; something that everyone likes, and something that challenges the palate a little. I am growing more comfortable knowing my obligation to "dinner". I should plan, prep, and serve with pride. It's the only meal they're going to have after the long and winding road of their individual days come to a close. It is the only meal you as my audience will collectively share.
Every meal will be like American Thanksgiving, because that is what I am; thankful.

Until next time,

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