Saturday, June 25, 2011

Better times ahead!

its 9:49am EST.
I'm waiting for my connection to Vancouver. I'm sitting in the airport in Toronto, listening to a wonderful mixture of English and French over the PA. Admittedly, the French language is just glorious to the ear; as far as I know they could be telling everyone that they all look like they have mad cow disease, and it would sound fabulous to me.
Still I promised to keep you abreast of the journey as it goes..... Yesterday Richard came to RDU to leave his rental vehicle, so I considered it wise to take BIG ORANGE to see how much weight I'd have to drop. Turns out, she was 21.5 lbs over the limit, so I took her home and got rid of about 7 lbs. I was just plum tired when I called Air Canada to verify the checked bag allowance, so when they told me that there would be a 30 minute wait until someone would be on the line, I HUNG UP!
When I arrived at the airport on the 24th, I was told that I cold have brought 2 bag to check.....but I'd only carried a small tote that I was going to give to hubbie to take the overage home with. I used that to check the overage, snapping a plastic zip tie between to zippers and sending it through the conveyor. The lines were abnormally long, and once again hubbie is waiting at the head of security check in so that he can carry anything they deem (unable to board).
Once that is over....not without a small mic cord comes up on the scanner, so TSA must "look inside your bag ma'am. We complete that leg, and move downstairs where we wait to board our first flight to Toronto. As soon as the plane hits the air, I realize I have made a grave error. I did take my phenergren! I usually take it the night before so that it's in my system during the day of travel, but I am able to remain alert, but this time, I felt like I was so tired, I could just go to sleep and the motion wouldn't be noticed. It was noticed, with prominent sour jaw! I asked to go to the rear of the plane where I could grab a pill, then I walked to the front of the plant to get a drink of water, another horrible choice.  I really should have asked for ginger ale or coke. Either way, I sat in my seat, ignored the seatbelt light, and began to meditate my nausea out of my mind because I just couldn't do this to Richard again. I could not vomit my guts out in front of him...we are PROFESSIONALS for goodness sake!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Times ahead

Today, I feel....well that's it. I feel. I feel like I'm behind the 8-ball, because I am. I am packing for another trip to British Columbia. I am particularly excited about this trip because several things have happened within these past few months to let me know that a shift is occurring. I am anxious to see what it on the other side of this shift.
I need to pack, make-up, shoes, accessories, toiletries, music. A jacket, video camera, cellphone, laptop, passport. I need to pack snacks for the plane, hair products, and a host of other items that I am surely forgetting at the present.
What I must remember to carry with, is the love and appreciation that I have for the people who will be around me, and I must remember to take full responsibility for the energy that I bring to each space I find myself in.
So I'm definitely going to pack, love, joy, mercy, grace, humility, kindness, loyalty, peace, and a sense of universal righteousness. I cannot wait to facebook, "tweet" and blog the world as I will be seeing it. I will try my best to journey with you daily. See you in the morning.....Lord willin'!

Here we grow!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Deeper

I love shoes, and I love life. I believe my ego, is in my shoes; I can control it there. Enough said. Now let us go a little deeper into what really does matter. I choose today to validate each of you who reads this. I was thinking about how we all arrived at this place....wherever that physically seems to be....HOW we got here is a factor. My children were very much so desired additions to my life. I made a conscious decision to conceive each one of my three "body guards" as I have coined them. What I have failed to tell them and you, is that I don't want them to confuse the fact that I wanted them and their father wanted them- with whether or not the universe wanted them to be here as well. I don't know that I have had the kid of clarity to process my "calling" in life before right now; 5:15 am on June 1, 2011. I do know that some of us arrive in the place of life by way of less than heroic circumstances, and others seemingly arrive and are heralded into the skies and celebrated for the simplest act...taking your first breath. What I know matters is, none of that matters. Whether or not you or I were "celebrated" or are appreciated as who we are, or what we give, we were wanted. The universe WANTED and NEEDED us to be here. TO DO WHAT?
 Take that we grow.