Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Times ahead

Today, I feel....well that's it. I feel. I feel like I'm behind the 8-ball, because I am. I am packing for another trip to British Columbia. I am particularly excited about this trip because several things have happened within these past few months to let me know that a shift is occurring. I am anxious to see what it on the other side of this shift.
I need to pack, make-up, shoes, accessories, toiletries, music. A jacket, video camera, cellphone, laptop, passport. I need to pack snacks for the plane, hair products, and a host of other items that I am surely forgetting at the present.
What I must remember to carry with, is the love and appreciation that I have for the people who will be around me, and I must remember to take full responsibility for the energy that I bring to each space I find myself in.
So I'm definitely going to pack, love, joy, mercy, grace, humility, kindness, loyalty, peace, and a sense of universal righteousness. I cannot wait to facebook, "tweet" and blog the world as I will be seeing it. I will try my best to journey with you daily. See you in the morning.....Lord willin'!

Here we grow!

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