Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Morning!

Today is a day to consider the business of life sometimes must outweigh the busyness of life. I have to submit w-9's, mail autographed cd's to a publication, review footage for a DVD, grit my teeth and re-do a photo shoot, and care for my son who will be having a minor procedure this morning. It is nearing 6am, and I can feel the night moving into night as I consider my day. I think this is when auto-pilot turns on.
I dont like to be on auto-pilot often; I don't allow myself to adjust to the changes to the day with a smile, or frown. I just adjust. Sometimes it bears well to at least notice things so that you can receive the witness of the lesson that you are to learn. I think I will do the photo shoot tomorrow, and take a good nap today. I may even use melatonin and chamomile tea to soothe the mind and rest my head near my son as he snoozes to his classical music. My daytime slumber generally offers very little universal nudging; I hardly dream to remember, yet my mind does shut off. I hope to present to you later in the week......
Until then, stay well......

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