Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to Shoes

Today I decided to begin a journey, long postponed.
I'm going to search for shoes, decide (as I usually do) according to the three criteria that I generally use.

1. What do I have that already goes with these?
2. What can I get to match with these?
3. Where can I wear them more than once if I choose to use them more than once?
I'm back!
Problem is, I couldn't find shoes that screamed, "Kim Pacheco, buy me!" Many pair called my name, they went so far as to tell me to pick them up, try them on, Naomi Campbell walk them too! They never said, "Buy Me". I had a justified purchase as well...... a wedding. I had my money, I mean honey, Hector (hehe) with me; he was on the phone; perfect distraction for how many items land in the cart. Still nada! I looked at 2 different TJ Maxx (the equivalent of Winners for you Canadian shoe apprenti), Kohls, and I hit Ross. I found the dress; a clearly purple one shoulder silk article, with a large blossom on the shoulder. My guess is it could go any way from there. I could fade to black, or create contrast with pastel, or jump to couture with something that added shine. All of the above, I already owned, hence the committee within's inability to hear any other shoe!
I chose.......... a fade to black! Here's why, THEY HAD A CUFF! Tasha brand- the crystal chandelier earrings are already in the bureau, and I bought what I call my "Richards" at Winner's last year. I'll send a pic as soon as get ready for the ceremony. BTW- Congrats Terry and Samantha! And thank you for providing a reason to at least scope out new looks for the ground wear! My song to these shoes will be:
Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me.....  Let's sing it together shall we..... Here we grow!

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